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For over twenty years, Vera Bradley has cultivated a loyal following of customers who not only look forward to our lovely new fabrics and styles that are introduced each season, but who also appreciate the function and quality that is synonymous with our name.
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I purchased this backpack for my 10 year old daughter. She is known to destroy backpacks; this is why I can not believe she has not destroyed this one. She is very rough on it, it is amazing that the backup still looks new. I am happy to report that this one is well built. My selection was to purchase a pink rolling bag. I love the pink and what it stands for--support of breast cancer--and that my bag is very identifiable. I once carried 2 bags, one for my personal items and the other my lap top and business papers which at times was very, very heavy. I enjoy my rolling back pack, it fits everything with room to spare. It also repels water as I have used it everyday, even when it rains. When my boss saw my bag he decided to purchase one for himself! My wife bought a bag like this when she went on a trip. I was so impressed with the bag. It had so much room and I really liked the space to put my laptop. It made it so much easier for me when I was traveling back to Iraq. My wife bought 2 more bags for our kids to use for school. Now I don't have to carry everything in my old backpack. The product itself is impressive, particularly the wheel and handle mechanisms. However, it's larger than I expected and needed to replace a shoulder-strap briefcase for my laptop computer.

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