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The demand for their unique luggage and handbags has grown and so has Vera Bradley, which is now nationally and internationally recognized.
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This bag is a keeper. I currently use it for school& trips to the library, but I plan to use it for commuter trips and vacation in the future. I bought the black one because it looks more professional and won't dirty as easily (or won't show as easily). I am only 100 lbs and 5 feet 2 so I love the fact that I can carry alot of books and lots of junk in this bag because of all the pouches. Before I got the Driver 8, I carried a heavy Jansport backpack with about 20 pounds or more of books, plus a purse to carry my wallet and junk, now I just fit everything into the bag. Also, the T-shaped handle allows me to hang a small purse just in case. It seems pretty durable, it rolls smoothly. The wheels look durable. Also, my boyfriend who is much taller than me tried it out and he thought it was great, the handle extends out for taller people and for short people as well. I extend it out all the way because it allows me to keep a distance between the bag and the heel of my feet while walking. Anyways.. I plan to use the bag next fall when I start law school... oh yeah..I almost forgot to mention that it has a cool compartment to carry a laptop.. I really like the fact the it is located in the front portion of the large compartment so that when you tilt the bag to roll it, the heavy books will not press against it. Also, the laptop compartment is conveniently located so you can just pull it out and well padded enough that you don't need a laptop case. Also, the water bottle holder works well if you fit two bottles of water or one bottle and a paperbag filled with your lunch. Since, the water bottle compartment on the side is wide, if you only put one water bottle in it, it might slip out when you tilt the bag. The bag is not perfect but it's a great deal for the price. You just have to make it work for you and use your creativity to utilize the bag and make it your own. Hope this helps!~

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