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The Vera Bradley story is a testimony to the American Dream: While on vacation in March of 1982, Patricia and Barbara were awaiting a flight in Atlanta when they began to notice a definite lack of feminine carry-on luggage...
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This rolling back pack was purchased for a 3rd grader. A back pack with wheels was necessary due to the torrent of homework that occurs in the 3rd grade. From the very first day he took it on the bus, he has hated it. When he puts it on his back to find a seat on the bus, it is too wide for the aisle and gets in the faces of the seated kids. Dealing with it once he is seated isnt any easier. Many kids have made comments about how big (too big) it is. It rolls great, holds up fine. But my daughter in middle school says it would never fit in her locker, and experience leads us to conclude it is not suitable for any student having to ride a standard school bus. If I hadnt paid as much for it as I did, I'd have thrown it out and bought the poor kid a different one.
Oh my goodness! When I was looking for a perfect rolling backpack for my freshman year,I was considering a $178.00 rolling backpack from Kipling. That back was nice but too pricey.Then I saw this backpack from an internet article from msn and fell in love with it at first sight. This bag is really something.From holding your laptop to holding books it does it all!It's a perfect backpack for school especially because of its handy compartments. Also its inline wheels are really useful for transportating all your needs..Even though the shoulder straps are not very nice, it's a overall the best rolling backpack anybody can own..I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! Trust me it's a backpack that will never fail you..It's by far the best backpack I have ever owned..Even though I have not used it for school yet, just by appearance and testing I already knew it would not let me down. This backpack rocks!!!!!!! I bought a east pak bag because I had one before, but this bag from east pak had wheels but at 18lbs fully loaded the small handle was not practical having to go up and down stairs all day. In contrast the jan sport has a padded handle that makes using my bag possible. I use the backpack to keep organized the items I use as the treasurer of a large Bible study. The reasons I like it are. . . 1. There are a variety of different sized compartments that keep all the things I carry well organized. 2. The handle is very smooth and a good height for me.(5'7") 3. I like the color 4. It has held up well and I have used it every week for over four months.
My 9 yr. old daughter's shoulders were getting sore from her heavy backpack. She asked me to find a rolling backpack that was "cool". We found this one at eBags and she LOVES it. There are several compartments - from small (change, pencils) to large (lunch box, large books) and the handle has two length settings. She's only had it for a few weeks, but it appears to be durable and well-made. If it can stand up to my daughter's abuse, it can handle anything. This item beats the expensive traditional 'computer cases' hands down! My husband had a $200+ leather computer case the company issued him and it constantly tipped over, it was too small for his portfolio, and finally, the telescopic handle quit on him. I paid $47 for this, and he carries EVERTHING in it, not to mention it's sturdy, doesn't tip and is LIFETIME GUARANTEED!!!
My daughter uses this rolling backpack everyday for school. It's been through all kinds of weather, up and down stairs, stuffed to capacity with books and still works as great as the first day we got it. Another reason for the purchase was because my daughter had such heavy backpacks on her shoulders that she had to see a chiropracter twice a month. Now, her back is doing very well. No pain backpain!

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