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Ballistic Case Creek Deluxe Flatkit
Kit Shave Kit System Plus Travel Traveler

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Bought this for my 12-year old daughter - it's just what she needed. The heavy-duty rollerblade type wheels roll over rough surfaces, and there is plenty of room for all of her books and things. We like the color, because it's unusual (hence easy to spot), but I think the brown, and possibly this style, has been discontinued. This is an absolutely fantastic backpack. It replaces a backpack from Champion that I bought for the new school year but didn't even last 2 months. It's well organized with plenty of zippered pockets and compartments. The T-handle is especially handy when hanging the backpack up in my school locker. Also, the carrying straps fold away nicely and out of sight behind a velco secured flap. In all, it's a great backpack. If you're looking for a backpack to last you throughout the school year, look no further than the JanSport Driver 8. I love this bag. I am a graduate student and I take it to school ever day. I mainly bougt this bag because I am travelling every weekend. I can fit in my travel clothes and also a couple of my books. I usually carry my workout clothes, a pair of sports shoes,lunch and books to school. It's quiet a big size bag. I am only 5 ft tall and everyone says this bag is as big as I am!!! But hey it serves the purpose. The wheels are smooth, the bag is light and handles are comfortable.I could even fit it to under the seat in a 747 flight (if it's not fully loaded!!. The very first day I got it, I had to use it in heavy rains and it was quiet water resistant too!! I would say this bag is a good buy for the money you spend. The only drawbag with this style is the choice of colors. I couldn't get my favourite Jansport red color in this style!!!

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