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This is a great backpack. It rolls nicely, considering the load of books I carry in it. There are plenty of pockets for storage. I have not used the pack for an extended period of time, but it seems to be well constructed. I have used JanSport merchandise before and it has always held up nicely. I find it quite useful, since I travel between two buildings. The compartments are wonderful for pens, keys and other items I need to transport between classrooms. The handle pops up and down easily. This bag is great. I didn't want pink but it was the only color in-stock at the time, so I got it and when it arrived, i fell in love. The bag is the best one for all purpose use. I brought it for college and ended up using it for travel everywhere including shopping. I was excited when i saw it online and speechless when I received it . thanks for getting rind of all my excess baggage . Everything fits in the driver-8 and travel is fast and easy. I always have a free hand now. This is a great bag! I work at various sites and sometimes from home. I need to take my laptop and enough off my desk to be functional wherever I end up the next day. I have used this daily since I bought it. It has reduced the shoulder pain I was experiencing with a standard back pack and I go to the chiropractor much less frequently This is probably the best backpack that I have ever owned. And I usually buy a new one twice a year. It's durable and sturdy. It rolls beautifully. The storage compartments are great. I would recommend this backpack to everyone.

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