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JanSport has lived and breathed backpacks since 1967 with innovation and comfort in mind. Known for it's durable and flexible design, the JanSport school backpack is the leading bookbag for students on the market. Not to mention they are perfect for day or weekend hikes and other outdoor adventures.
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Well I am a graduate student in the District of Columbia. This bag is perfect for my labtop and notebooks. It is a little heavy when completely filled but it is much easier then carrying all my items in a regular backpack. I love Jansport because of the durability, and my items don't get wet even during heavy rain. I think this is a sensible item for college students but probably not for elementary or middle school kids. Overall, eBags was great and the item is exactly what i expected. Hopes this helps. My son, who is in 6th grade, seems to be very happy with this backpack, much more pleased than he was with the Calpak Spirit we ordered earlier this year. The wheels on this pack do not wake up the neighbors in the morning when going to the bus stop like the other one (Calpak) did. The Calpak Spirit was only $45.00, but broke (the handle came off) within three or so months. (Sometimes you get what you pay for). Finally, there is a lot of room in this backpack for an elementary school with mega books! One more thing> this backpack does not smell of chemicals like the Calpak. (I had to keeep it in the garage because the smell gave me a terrible headache. I could smell it in the room, without knowing it was there.)You know, I should have returned that other backpack. Therefore, my son is a "happy camper" so far with this backpack. I'll keep my fingers crossed on it not breaking. Will let you know in a few months regarding continued satisfaction or not.

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