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Who says you cannot look cute carrying diapers? We hope our diapering kits help you feel sufficiently fabulous in your post-pregnancy body too. They will definitely help organize all of baby's fiddly-bits, and protect his/her diapers from the dodgy bits at the bottom of your favorite, I-feel-fabulous bag! Happy Baby!
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This is the second rolling backpack from Jansport I own. I use it to commute back and forth from work. Wheels and telescoping handle are sturdy and bag rolls well. I love this bag and hope Jansport does not discontinue it. The appearance and material is very good. The big wheels provide high durability even when I use the bag everyday and put a lot of heavy books inside. The bag is so roomy that I can put everything I need for the whole day studying in school. Taking 5 classes this semester calls for a lot of books and supplies. I needed a biiigggg bag for all my stuff and I got one. I am so pleased with the look and especially the size of this bag that I would highly recommend to all students who need a good size and good looking bag. The price was especially good. This is the book bag ive been waiting for! It caught my attention the instant i saw it. Ilove the color and the many compartments it has, what i like those most is that it has a big bottle compartment which is great because i always carry bottles with me and i dont have to worry where to put them. The wheels should be like a 1/4 inch bigger but other than that its good. Its also a durable bag something that i need because i carry alot of books. This bag had definatly made the grade! I am a nursing grad student and my Jansport gets shleped every day from New Jersey into Manhattan, up and down the subway and sidewalks and is very stable. I find it remarkably light. It is able to hold my laptop safely, my lunch, and a full lot of books. The only thing I would change is a couple more smaller pockets to hold pens, cell phone, etc. I have solved this problem by just having another small bag to contain lipsticks, gum, that would get lost in the large outer pocket. This bag may be a bit large for a smaller kid who need something lighter and smaller for grade school. Great for travelers and high school grades upwards.

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