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Brynn Capella makes the windy city her home, and continues to bring this refreshing, charming and flirty feminine "So Cal" style to the arms of women across the country. You'll notice that much of her inspiration comes from her coastal upbringing.
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I take this bag to work every day. I also have taken it on business and personal travel. I purchased the item in black so that I could have my name embroderied on the front to meet uniform requirements. I have used this bag on one deployment. I just returned from a two week mission trip with my church in South America where the bag was rolled over dirt trails for 3 miles by luggage carriers we had hired from the nearby Amerindian village. I though for sure it would be scarred up, but it cleaned up beautifully and the wheel structure took the beating well. The handle mechanism is still tight and functions well even after some hard trips. This bag is very durable and can handle being slammed around the airport and stuffed under the seat, etc. The wheels are very smooth and the handle is comfortable. It is quite large, and can handle my laptop (12"x10"x1.5") with room to spare. With the laptop in, it still has plenty of room for books, magazines, etc. The laptop compartment is padded well, although I would prefer a buckle to the velcro closure. This bag is easy to roll around, but not very comfortable to wear on your back. Also, there is no organizer panel, just a couple of velcro-closure small pockets for your pda or calculator. All in all, this is a good bag for travel but I prefer my Columbia All-Nighter for school. My work involves on-site client consulting where I bring my own wide-screen laptop, several computer peripherals, reference material and client records. The 15.1" laptop doesn't fit in the provided padded slip so I have my own and put that in the large general compartment. My peripherals fit in the bag's padded slip section of the bag, which keeps them compact and safely stored. The bag stays balanced so I have little concern of it tipping over. The handle height is great for me, 5'8", and locks in place easily. The wheels take to the pavement easily, as well as on a short flight of steps. I haven't used it as a backpack yet so I can't speak to the comfort level of that feature. The bag itself is lightweight and the material feels pretty sturdy. The only additional thing that would make this bag perfect would be a second handle grip on the horizontal side. It would be easier to balance when I have to lift it into a car, overhead bin, or on a long flight of stairs. I wanted a professional looking laptop carrier without a lot of bulk. This bag is ideal.

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