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In 1980 Brenthaven began designing and manufacturing wilderness packs built to survive the extreme conditions of the outdoors. Today, Brenthaven designs and builds computer cases built to survive the rigors of the mobile business world.
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This backpack is the best that I have owned to date. It is organized very well and is easy to use. Some people have commented on the broken roller-handle, but I wonder if these people have been lifting from the roller-handle and not the cloth handle attached to the top of the backpack. I do see some improvements the the Jansport's Driver 9. They include: - altering the hard bottom casing of the backback so that some books do not stick up higher than others - a possible "rain-jacket" feature so that there is an extra protection from water damage - more room for thick text books (I have plenty): it makes sense to make more room even if it looks a little bulky because most people are not going to use the backpack as a regular backpack (I certainly would not put it on my back after having it all over city streets) Overall, this backpack is the best for the inexpensive cost. I will also add that the compartment for pencils and pens are basically two huge inner-pouches. If you do not like to spend time placing a pen-per-loop, then this book bag offers you a way to be organized without going completely anal retentive.
I looked a serval different bags before I bought this one, but boy am I glad that I bought it. It is able to carry my laptop, at about 6lbs, and two college text books with a binder in it. I love the front pouch on it, it has a pocket for a calculator and then a few other ones that you can use as you please. Also the pockets are deep so that is great cause you can stuff more in there. There is also a small front zipper pocket which is great for anything you need to grab quickly all the time like school IDs. Another great thing about this product is the wheels and handle. I saw a few post before that said the wheels seperate while using this if it is overload. And while I saw some of this it seems to be more like the way the bag accomodates for the wieght and nothing to worry about. As for the handle I love the lenght. I am not abnormally tall, 5'5, but I did have a hard time finding bags with handles that I could use comfortably without hitting the back of my foot while I walked. With this bag the handle is long enough that if you use it while walking through crowds you could pull it directly behind you and not kill your arm. Overall this is the best pull bookbag I have seen and great for a college student bc it is Jansport which in my opinion never dies.

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