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Boyt luggage has a century-long tradition of making bags with craftsmanship and commitment to innovation. The Boyt name has become representative of luggage and bags made with quality materials, superior craftsmanship, durability and innovation.
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A no-frills, 2-in-one travel and school bag. Enough space for a weekend getaway and practical enough to pack in a notebook computer with room to spare for college books and other miscellaneous items. And when the load gets too heavy, the fact that you can wheel the bag around makes it even more handy. Overall, this bag is a great buy. I use it for school a couple of days a week. I have books and supplies that I'm required to bring for each class, so space is of prime importance to me. This bag has just enough space for all my essentials -- books, supplies, pocket book, keys, cell-phone, laptop, cords, etc. I only have 2 complaints -- One, when used as a rolling backpack the straps must be tucked away or they'll get caught under the bag's wheels. I would prefer if the bag were able to function with the straps out -- this way I could just pick up the pack and use it like a backpack for those short distances on my campus where wheels are inconvenient. It's too much of a hassle to have to stop, untuck the straps, hook them up, and then shoulder the pack. Usually, I just pick it up and walk with it -- a small inconvenience, but something I felt needed mentioning. Second, it would be nice if the bag were just a bit bigger...but, really this is a personal preference since I have so much crap to carry for school! Ha ha... The backpack does not seem very sturdy or made to last. Also, the fabric is really thin and I feel it could tear. Jansport could have done a better job of adding pockets or sections to store item within the different sections. I would suggest looking for alternatives before buying this backpack. The positive is that it is light in weight. Also, when full it will barely fit under an airplane seat. Pumauno

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