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Founded in 1999, with over 25 years experience in designing and developing merchandise for the leather goods industry. Boulevard offers fashion conscious designs that give a nod and a wink to trend but still keeps one foot firmly planted on the ground.
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I love this bag. I started Nursing school this fall, and this bag is a back saver. I needed a bag with alot of room for my nursing text books. This bag gives my plenty of room. I also got the pink one and love the color. My classmates have asked where I purchased the bag from because they like it also. This was a great buy for me! This bag is a beast - in a good way. It's got plenty of room for whatever you may be hauling, I can't wait to travel with it. The biggest problem I'm encountering is in large, auditorium classes it's too big to stash discretely under my chair, so it kinda hangs out in the middle of the walkway. This may get old quickly. So, I love the bag, it's good to my laptop, but it's not crowded classroom friendly. Great except for the fact that my 17" laptop sticks out of the pocket provided and clanks against the interior part of the pull handle...there should be more padding. Also disappointed in the lack of storage pockets inside. There should be places for pens, business cards, etc.. The front easy access pocket should be deeper...enough to hold a boarding pass or plane ticket. I bought this bag for my son before school began last August. He is in the 7th grade and carries alot of books plus lunch plus gym clothes and everything fits great in this bag. He likes all of the pockets and all his friends think he has a really cool bag.

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