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Bosca is a family-owned and run company with a reputation built on the quality of their products. For over 90 years Bosca leather goods have been made from the finest leather products available anywhere.
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The material of the bag is very thin and does not provide a good support for the laptop. The compartment planned for storing the laptop should have been made of more solid material with extra supporting features I purchased this item for travel use. It is a little too large to carry on the puddle jumper planes and has to be checked. It is a couple inches too long & I wish I could have found something like it only a little smaller. Other than that I really love it! I just bought a wide-screen laptop and there are very few backpacks that will fit (the laptop is a 17" Dell). The laptop is too heavy for me to carry every day in a side-bag, so this rolling bag is perfect. The good: The laptop slides into a center sleeve, with room between the sleeve and the back of the bag so that the backpack doesn't topple over from the weight and the laptop is better-protected from being hit. The various pockets hold a lot of material -- this is a big backpack that doesn't look so big. The action of the handle and the wheels is excellent. The backpack looks sleek and stylin'. The bad: Because of the size of my laptop, it just barely fits and it is difficult to get more items into the space between the laptop and the back of the bag. The zippers are a little hard to use -- maybe I just need to find the way to pull them properly. All in all, I love this bag. My biggest complaint is the fabric needs to be more durable. The storage is great and so is functionality. The wheels are quiet and smooth. The deep pocket that reaches down the front is holey. A plastic spiral has been in that pocket, but now I am unable to use that pocket for fear of losing something.

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