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It all began with a need What started out as a personal journey in form and function by leading industrial designer, frequent traveler, and avid sportsman, Jonas Blanking from Sweden, is taking the world by storm.
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JanSport Driver 8 has bigger and smoother wheels than most other brands and handling is very steady. Also, the shoulder strap can be stored away completely so it won't sweep the ground. Inside it is very roomy, but small enough. I would buy another one for my family. This is a great backpack for kids who are walking to school and don't want to carry all the weight. It has enough pockets to help with organization but not so many that would limit space for larger items. The fabric isn't as durable as other jansport backpacks. Mine rubbed up against something and it looks like it's about to tear. This occured the first week I had it. I've had old Jansport backpacks that were much more durable. I commute on the bus and it's way too big! I ended up taking two seats on the bus. One for me, and one just for the Jansport Driver 8 which is just ridiculous! I stopped taking it on the bus because it's plain rude to take up 2 seats on the bus, so I switched back to my old backpack without wheels. Overall, it's a really big bag. I'd like to try and use it on a plane and see if it'll pass as a carry-on since I don't have any luggage with wheels, but I think it's too big to fit underneath a plane seat. The side pocket is nice for a water bottle. The insert for a laptop computer is also nice and protected my ibook well. It doens't carry as many large textbooks as I thought it would. I liked the handle. Overall it's designed well. I just don't think it's designed for bus riders. I'd suggest this backpack for someone who doens't ride the bus, and has a commute that is either a walk, or in your own car.

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