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Just out of high school, Brandy Isadora Goldberg began to develop her first design, which woud later become known as the Bisadora Hip Purse. A few years later, she founded Bisadora, a fashion accessories company that combines engineering and art.
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Belle Black Black Glazed Bowling Bag Nylon
Patent Purse Runway Satchel Snap

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saw other students using this bag on campus and since I'm changing my major this year and I know I'll have bigger, heavier books to lug around every day, I figured I'd try this bag out and relieve my back from the aches and pains. I like it this far! I love the convenience and the color! I use this bag to haul my laptop back and forth from work. It is very heavy to carry with a shoulder bag for a long period of time. I find the wheels roll smoothly and the handle adjusts to the perfect height. This bag was a great value, and I'm so glad I chose it because it was the lightest for its size on the market. I really like the single handle, and I can raise or lower it with a single hand easily. The compartments are fairly well organzied, but I will say that the largest compartment does not fit as much as it could because of the way they have designed the bottom with a hard-shell divider, which really limits how you store items in the bag. Still, it is very durable, and I would buy it again if I needed to. Overall I'm pleased with the Driver 8. The various compartments and pockets are nice, though I would prefer a few more pockets so that I can sort through things easier. Also, tucking in the straps so that I can use the handle & wheels is sometimes a bother, I would prefer a quicker way hold them out of the way.

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