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BigFoot™ Bag...The brand new concept is a simple, high quality, all in one solution…The BigFoot Bag opens flat to be used as a ground cloth or tarp and zips up into one of the coolest bags ever designed. The BigFoot Bag is a must for car trunks, pickups, SUVs, roof racks, boats, cabins, garages… simply load, zip, clip & carry to manage the stuff that clutters your home, life & activities.
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Meets all my needs. The JanSport Driver 8 has so much room for everything that I need to take with me to class daily, including my laptop. The ability to roll the backpack has helped tremendously since I have to walk alot around campus. I would recommend this backpack to anyone, and I have! Several people have asked me where I got it, and I told them online at eBags! This bag serves the purpose quite well - a low-key computer backpack that does not look completely out of place in a professional environment. The shoulder straps are pretty good, the pull handle is great. I would have liked the bag to look a little less like it belongs on a hiking trail, but that might be too much to ask in this price range. Construction is a bit sloppy with one small seam coming undone within a week, but overall, the bag should hold up for a few years. Overall I would recommend the bag. My daughter starts middle school with this tomorrow, so we don't have a real field report on it yet. But she loves the design, it rolls very smoothly & the handle seems well-made. I just wish you didn't have to attach the straps whenever you need to use them.

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