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New York designer Betsey Johnson joined forces with Chantal Bacon in 1978 and started the Betsey Johnson label, as it is known today. Her commitment to remain true to her one-of-a-kind vision has afforded continued success in the clothing fashion industry for 28 years.
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I use this bag daily for carting my laptop and papers to work. Excellent value, sturdy contruction. It could use more pockets and compartments for keeping things organized and separate (eg, only one side has a water bottle pocket. Overall, however, this is a good deal for a wheeled computer case. I had Ebags Carry laptop backpack and got tired or hauling it. I travel to deployed military locations on military aircraft. Carrying got too much. I searched hoping the carry backpack had wheels, it does but the laptop place wouldn't hold my laptop. I got this Jansport and love it. The bag goes through rocks, gravel dirt. I carry my laptop sometimes, when I don't I use that pocket for my PSP and files. I can carry my makeup bag, extra small clothing items, cell phone, plugs and many other item. I like all the pockets so I can stay organized. The Handle stays lock and I can push or pull the bag. I have had it now for quite a while and am actually starting to look for another since I am wearing this one out. I travel almost half of the year. I overload this bag and it is easy to pick up by the top hand when necessary. I am very pleased with this bag and will probably buy another since I haven't found anything that would be better. This thing is a Behemoth, but thats a good thing!! It has enough room for 3-4 college course books, notebooks, a clip for your keys, pockets for pens and pencils and enough room to put in your wallet as wewll as a side pocket for water that carries a liter adn even a 2 liter bottle!!! I work as a Massage Therapist AND go to school full time and with this bag I can put everything I need for work AND school with room to spare.

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