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Bolevard Comfy Bundle Curling Iron Document Case Hair Dryer
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I love this rolling backpack. It holds a lot and is easy to use. The wheels are durable and well-made. I definitely recommend any student with a lot to carry to use this backpack. It's made my life much easier. Very hardy backpack. Stands up to a heavy load. Cloth zipper pulls haven't ripped off like other bags we've had, and the plastic pulls are rugged and easy to use. Great bag for my 12 year old with a ton of books and sports equipment. It's great. I can store so many items, including several books, laptop and notebooks! The wheels are handy, the shoulder straps are also available, though I have never used the shoulder straps. I am definately glad I purchased the JanSport Driver 8! Great wheeled book bag for my son. He is 10 and carries all his school books in this pack. It sits upright without tipping over, even fully loaded! Has plenty of room and pockets for organization. Water bottle holder on the side is handy too! We hope to use this one for several years.

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