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Reminiscing about the past, never forgetting, it's meant to be worn today." At Bari J. we have a simple goal: to create vintage inspired handbags and accessories for modern women. Our handmade fabric handbags were created to have a look and feel that evokes a sense of memory and history.
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The only problem I have is that my Dell INSPIRON will not velcro into place because the strap is too short. It fits snugly in the pocket but can come out due to the short strap. Overall its a great purchase. I would however not purchase the pink seeing that it gets dirty very easily. I'm a college professor who travels a lot, and have had trouble with my shoulders (from lugging laptops and luggage through airports). This is an excellent bag around campus, but it's most valuable when I head to the airport. The combination of rollers and backpack straps is ideal for me, and the bag itself manages a large laptop (15" Mac), peripherals, and even carryon luggage items (at least to the extent now allowed by TSA). It seemed like an expensive bag that was justified by my health--it's now simply a great investment. This bag is great. Our 5th grader managed to destroy every book bag we bought her within a week. This JanSport Driver 8 bag survived all of fifth grade. We purchased a new one this year for sixth grade. It's the largest and lightest bag that we've found in it's class. Excellent purchase. I bought this model because it has plenty of room for 2 laptops, chargers, phone, etc. Rolls very easily, especially when fully loaded. Backpack option is OK if required, tho not as comfortable as the roling mode.

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