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In 2001, BAM Bags™ was formed. BAM began with Limited Edition Leather Handbags, and then fabric totes, diaper bags and now, the Zippurse™. BAM Designs was founded by Beth A. Metsch who earned a Professional Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from the University of Miami and a Master's in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.
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I was really disappointed with this item. While it is easy to manuver, and it great if you have lots of heavy items, it's difficult to take up and down stairs. It doesn't work as a backpack even though it's supposed to convert into one. The frame is too heavy and it's not comfortable to carry. I'm going to keep my around for air travel, but if you do buy this don't plan on using it as a backpack as well. It's too cumbersome. I purchased this bag for my daughter in Middle School; she has the distinction of needing to carry heavy, heavy books up and down schoo stairs. With 2 mins btwn classes, the bag needs to be organized and ready to dish out contents. I have never heard a complaint about this bag. My daughter is extremely satisfied with it and LOVES the look and feel which, if you know middle school girls, is 90% of the deal! I bought this bag for my son. He is not the most careful with his bookbag. This thing is fabulous. We have marble steps into our house and he clunks the bag up and down these steps. The bag does not seem any worse for wear from this. He likes the bag and says it does not look "geeky". This means he will actually will use it.

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