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That style, texture, shape, color, that's the "Bagtique" difference. The different kind of handbag you been longing for. So wear it with pride, a "Bagtique" handbag that becomes you and you become it. It's the IT bag for you.
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I like the fact that it is light and yet well-made, with good quality wheels and zippers. The design for the space is very good. The improvements I would have liked to see are: a way to lash a jacket to the outside, and side pockets (for water bottle, umbrella, etc.) on both sides. Another improvement would be a pocket at the top inside for cords, because there is wasted space at the top. I did quite a bit of looking, and this is the third pack I bought. Of all the wheeled computer backpacks I have seen, this one seems to have the best combination of useable space, light weight, and reasonable price. My daughter uses this bag at middle school. Heavy books, large and small items fit with room to spare. Keeping it organized is easy with the different zippered pockets. Best of all, it does not tip over, it keeps its balance. I am a mother and I bought this for my 5th grader. I am extremely pleased with it because of its sturdiness. The last wheeled backpack broke while this is one is extremely durable. There are also enough compartments for the many things my son had to carry.

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