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Believe it or not, it would be great if the back pack could accomodate more books. Also it's difficult to change from the back pack straps to the pull along position because of the strap that hang down around the wheels. Any suggestions? I hope that it's durable, because my daughter packs it tight every morning to take to school. I had a heavy laptop that I carried every day to work in a shoulder bag. I was hurting from it. I ordered this bag as a way to relieve that pain. It has been wonderful. I have used it for work every day and I have used it on airplanes. There is room for my laptop, plus some carry-on items in some of the other compartments. Although I have not used it as a backpack, I appreciate having that option. I would recommend this bag. The item is wonderful. My daughter uses it for school everyday. It is lightweight and durable. However, it arrived with a slight separation in one of the seams which we repaired ourselves. It did not seem worth the effort to package and return the item for a 2 inch sepatation. It appeared that the fabric did not overlap enough for the thread to catch both sides. It was minor and we fixed it ourselves. My daughter enjoys the organization and manuverability of the product.

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