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Baby Sherpa brings you gear for baby - geared for you! Perfect for everyday outings, outdoor activities and travel, these revolutionary, hands-free diaper backpacks combine superior construction with high tech design.
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Overall, I like this bag, however, I think that the front pocket is too small to get my hand into the corners of the pocket. Also, the zippers with the fabric covers tend to be a little hard to open. It has very good stability because I could not make it fall over even if I wanted to. I think that this bag should come in a wider variety of colors, though I am fine with the color that I purchased. It also might be helpful if the clip for the backstraps were easier to clip on. The handlebar slides into place very easily, and the extra pocket inside the back pocket is very helpful for keeping papers straight. I took this on my week long trip to Ireland. I was able to fit all my clothes, adapters, hair dryer, straightener, make-up and toiletries and an extra pair of shoes in it. It was full to almost bursting, but lasted. I pulled it all around the streets and it held up great, especially with the long handle. I also used it as a backpack when it was raining and too wet to roll. I was surprised at how well it did. I've never used it again though, it's too big for everyday.
Purchased for my 11 yr old daughter for school. She loves it as do I. I don't here her complaining about the weight of her bookbag anymore. It seemed like every year she progressed in school, the heavier her bookbag got. Now I don't have to worry about her hurting her back because she is carrying around a heavy bookbag. What a relief on me and her back.

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