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Baby Kaed offers parents everywhere a stylish collection of gorgeous diaper bags that come equipped with all the necessary ingredients for a fully functional and fashionable diaper bag.
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Avi U Changing City Mom Devani Diaper Bag
Jaipur Masala Nylon Pattern Sanya

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My JanSport Driver 8 is the best think ever, however I don't think there ia a back-pack that would fit 6 thick books and a 17" computer comfortably. But the overall rating for my JanSport Driver 8 is fantastic. I recommend it highly. I like that it has a side pocket that fits a water bottle and an umbrella for rainy days and a small pocket in the front that hold extra pens, small stapler, and other items that may be needed at the last minute. The only thing I dislike about this bag is the labtop slit inside the main part. I know its good for people that have computers but I am only using mine as a bookbag. Nursing books aren't lite so this bag is great to wheel my book around but other than the computer slit I like the bag I bought this bag for my son. It is larger than it looks and has a lot of room for all his books and school supplies. His school does not provide lockers and he has developed back problems and needed a bag with wheels. He tells me the rubber wheels on this bag make it quieter to drag around school which is important because generally using a backpack with wheels is held in rather low regard among his classmates. I've been searching a wheeled school bag for my daughter for a while and finally decided to buy this one. Overrall, My daughter is very happy with the bag. she uses it as school bag everyday. She can put everything into it and we don't have to worry about her stuff is too heavy to carry. It looks very durable. The only complain is that the bag looks big even with nothing in it. It annoys me all the time when I see an elementary kid carries such a large schoolbag. I wish they can have a smaller version with cheaper price.

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