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ASPECTS has earned recognition for contemporary woven leather handbags with a wonderfully rich "hand". Each of the styles in the ASPECTS collection is handcrafted with the finest quality leather and designed to be comfortable and functional.
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Butterfly Caviar Leather Tote Lizard Clutch Satin Evening
Small Clutch Suede Town Woven Wristlet

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JanSport products quality and guarantee are better than most. The padded laptop compartment is perfect for my iBook. The backpack iis durable, lightweight, attractive and has the best "single-rod" telescoping handle around. The way it converts to a backpack is alittle%*$!bersome and fairly uncomfortable. I would suggest just wheeling it. I bought this same backpack years ago fo about $30 less. I wonder why the price has gone up 50%? Also, the backpack came in a beat-up used cardboard box (i don't mind recycling!) with no interior covering/packing so the backpack was a bit scuffed up. I purchased this for my 14 year old daughter to use for school after going through 2 other rolling backpacks in one year! My daughter has ADHD so she can be a little hard on her things at times. Jansport has a good warranty so I knew it would hold up and it has. My daughter is short in stature for her age so she has to have a rolling bag because her books and notebooks are too heavy to wear on her back. Because of the potential for scolosis, she isn't allowed to use a shoulder bag and she wanted something that looked older and would last. It has held up even after being kicked once a day for a week by a boy at school who was trying to annoy her! (Yes, she finally told on him and he stopped!) Except for a few dirt marks, it it holding up GREAT! I especially like the padded section for the laptop computer she will be using in high school next year! The T-handle makes it look less like a younger child's bag and the design is more grown up. Even when it is full to capacity, it stands up straight and doesn't fall over from the weight. It is, by far, the best rolling bookbag she has ever owned! I'm glad we purchased it. Lynn M., teacher and mom of an active ADHD teen

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