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From Coca Cola and Elvis Presley to Cadillac, Ashley M strives to foster the love of our cultural icons by expressing them through our handbags and small leather goods.
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Cadillac Carring Bag Elvis Ford Graphic
Hand Drawn Hobo Plaid Clock Shoulder Bag Wooden

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I purchased this as a school bag for my son in middle school. The bag is very rugged, and is roomy enough for all his textbooks and lunch box. There are enough separate compartments to keep him organized. My son loves the bag. I use another case before I put my laptop into the slot and have not had any problems with the bag. Should work without the case too. Its a sturdy bag, but not as spacious as I hoped. Bulges too much when I use it to the maximum. All in all the bag serves my purposes well. Constructed in such a way that although the bag is full, its not difficult to hoist into car or bus. Its a breeze when the handle is used. I bought this for my 12 year old daughter who had destroyed two backpacks in four months. So far your backpack has held up. It is dirty and I will have to purchase a new one before September. Thanks Jansports lifetime waranty is great. The bag needs a cd compartment and urethane inline skate type wheels for a smoother ride when pulling. As a back pack it is a little stiff the shoulder pads a somewhat short but okey and not countured like the new styles. I used it on a business trip in Las Vegas and towed it a lot of miles Maybe fourteen miles no problems very stable. The tow bar goes up and down with ease. The grip handle works fine for lifting it up to get in the bus or airplane. It fits in the overhead compartment when pack is almost full. Overall the pack is a good value for what it is. I collect back packs this is a good choice, for way under onehundred dollars. Now I want to go on a trip so I can use my Jansport! You can't go wrong. Buy it!

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