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A.Saks On The Go luggage collection was created for the consumer who wants the most expandable, lightest luggage in the world. With all the new airline restrictions, between the weight issue and the size issue, A.Saks On
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Carry On Duffel Expandable Garment Rolling Trolley

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Great bag! I'm very, very happy with it. I had had a CalPak, which was fine quality-wise, but the style I had was only with one big section and a tiny front pocket. I like how this JanSport has two nearly equal sections. Also, the wheels seem a bit quieter and the handle is easier to use. The main difference between this and the CalPak is that the JanSport is a bit shorter and opens up wider. I think this is a better design because I would put stuff at the top of the CalPak and it would fall to the back/bottom. With the JanSport I can put everything in order. I bought this bag for my son because I thought that JanSport was the best. The screw on the handle keeps coming loose and has from day one. That stops the handle from going all the way down. My husband tightens it daily but by the end of the day it is loose again.
I like everything about it except the design of the zippers. They can sometimes be hard to access. There is a flap covering each zipper, but it is for keeping things protected from rain, so there's a reason behind it. It just sometimes makes it a little difficult to use the zippers.

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