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If you're looking for something more special than the average waterproof bag, you've come to the right place. We've been making innovative waterproof cases for over 20 years. Professional users include the US Coast Guard, the Royal Navy, the US Navy, the USDA Forest Service, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
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I purchased this for my son who is in the 6th grade. It's the perfect size for his books, lunch and 1.5L bottle of water. It would be perfect if it had reinforced corners at the bottom of the bag. It seems most of his backpacks come apart from it getting dragged on the ground periodically. However compared to MANY other wheeled backpacks I've purchased for him this one has lasted the longest and still looks great and rolls great. Also, the handle comes up taller than most which is a really great feature as well. We will purhase this backpack again and absolutely from eBags!!! It looks great, has been extremely durable, maneuvers easily, is lightweight, and has lots of pockets to keep me organized. The one thing I would change is the placement of the padded laptop sleeve. It just gets in my way since I don't carry one. I would like it more if it were on the back of the main storage compartment or better yet, removable. Even with that I love this backpack and wouldn't hesitate buying another one if this one ever gives out. Great bag with several good partitions and separate zippered pockets for organization. The usual high quality JanSport materials. The wheels were much more heavy duty than other bags of its type. Very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this bag.

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