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At the young age of fifteen, Antoinette knew design was her future. Expressing herself through her clothing; she learned to sew and quickly began designing accessories and clothing of her own. Antoinette Lee came from a long line of artistic talent.
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Not rugged enough. Six months of use and there were holes in the material near the bottom of the bag. Handle broke last week. Was very happy with the bag at first, but needs to be more durable. Use was by a 12 year old boy. Broken handle may not be ordinary, but the wear on the material was far to fast. We usually get two or sometimes three years out of a backpack and were very disappointed to only get six months out of this one. Otherwise the bag is well designed, and the zippers held up well. The backpack is great except for one resounding problem. It's meant to be used on wheels. If you are on a smooth surface, there is no problem. But, if you are on uneven surfaces (stairs, dirt pathways), the bottom of the backpack gets completely torn up and destroyed. We had to take it to a luggage store and for $40, we had them rivet a hard plastic piece so that if the bag was scraped on the bottom and back, it would not get further damaged. Frankly, I think Jansport should protect this area from the beginning and not have me invest additional $$$ to protect it from everyday scrapes and scratches that tear up the fabric

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