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Bought this for my son for school where he takes a laptop everyday. There is a padded area for the laptop versus the Hemi, which is ALMOST identical, It has a laptop pocket, it's just not padded . If you buy a padded sleeve to protect your laptop, I think you could go either way. We haven't had it for a long time, but it seems good, looks good and has a lot of areas for organization. i got this bag on sale so the price was right but i wouldn't buy it again. the organization inside is not enough for me. i like to have lots of compartments for pens, my ipod, keys, chick stuff, etc. this just has two cavernous pockets inside the front compartment and that's it. they aren't even see-thru mesh. and the zipper for the big compartment doesn't open up all the way because of the pocket for the water bottle on the side. but it is light and moves smoothly. can't expect much for something so cheap. I have lived with this marvel for not more than 2 months and have already loving it, It has all the features that I have been looking for, in fact, I would have bought it long back, but kept delaying it, before 1 fine day, I got a deal for $59. I think the only con with this is, you need to tug your shoulder straps in, every time you switch to roll it off your shoulder. I still love it.

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