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Andiamo is an American manufacturer with a 25 year reputation for producing the world's best luggage. Their mission is to provide frequent travelers with the ultimate in durability, convenience and style. All Andiamo bags are made in the USA with a unique combination of craftsmanship, state of the art technology and pride.
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Accessory Bravo Cargo Duffel Garment International
Pullman Six Pocket Tri Fold Two Pocket Valoroso

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I haven't had a chance to use this product, as I mostly plan to use it while I travel. From what I can see, it looks sturdy and well made. I have another JanSport backpack, which is why I decided to stick with the same brand. My only concern is that this may not fit under an airline seat. I hope those who make rolling backpacks will will make note to please make this product compact enough to store under an airline seat. To ebags, please put in a descriptor as to whether or not bags will fit under an airline seat. Thanks! Ebags is fantastic! My son is in the 7th grade. He uses his backpck for all of his school supplies, which include bulky, heavy books, water bottle, snacks, etc. It has plenty of room and is the most durable pack we`ve tried. He bounces it up and down concrete stairs and it takes the abuse easily. It still looks like new after half a year`s use. This product is so good, I bought one for my wife and another for my son. JanSport did a great job in designing this bag. The best feature: ability to use it as a backpack or as a roller bag. my daughter uses this everyday. we finally found a bag that is lasting more than 3 months with all the books she has to carry back and forth from school and home. I bought this backpack for my daughter, who is in 5th grade. This is a sturdy, well-organized backback. The only problem she's had is that the retractable handle sometimes gets stuck and she can't extend it. So, she has to leave the handle in the fully extended position.

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