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We were laughing and talking over dinner one night, about things women do. Balancing family, friends, career, and staying sane through it all. Somehow the conversation shifted to baby bags. Michelle's was a glimpse into her life - diapers, bottles, cell phone, day planner, crumpled receipts, everything stuffed inside.
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The JanSport Driver 8 is a very good computer bag. It gets its fair share of abuse on a daily basis. The wheels have held up quite well and the T-handle has not given me any problems. The zippers have never failed. My laptop is well protected in its padded area. I would definitely buy another, if needed. Great bag for the price. (Sale price, that is) The color was better than I thought it would be. I thought it was a lighter white but it is more of an off-white which I liked better. The handle works great and it's a good size for my laptop and everything I need for grad school.
JanSport products are made to last, no doubt about it. This wheeled backpack is clearly in that category. It's well-made with plenty of pockets and plenty of space inside for whatever you want or need to tote. The laptop area is well-padded and sized to fit most notebooks (check the size of your notebook before buying to be sure it will fit). The wheels are a good size and roll smoothly. The pack sits squarely, doesn't tip over. the handle pulls out smoothly and is sturdy. The pack weight is noticeably less than the weight of typical wheeled luggage. You won't go wrong with this pack! JanSport is a name you can trust. I have 3 other JanSport products that refuse to wear out (but like anything else, if you abuse it, it'll wear out faster). The price is right, too. I highly recommend this item for anyone wanting to travel with lighter luggage. Pack and go!

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