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Established in 1997 by founders Marlene Friedberg and James Dunn, Amici Accessories has been dedicated to providing high fashion, without high prices. The Amici team consists of a group of talented young individuals that all share a love of fashion, especially accessories. The Amici Team believes in creative and custom designs at affordable prices.
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I bought this item for my 4th grader last yr. It is very roomy with lots of pockets, very spacious for textbooks, pouches, purses, etc.... Cute backpack!! It was great for stairs. The wheels rolled smoothly. The handle was adjustable. Negatively, My problem was the durability. My daughter used it only for school. Holes formed in the bottom corners(small items would fall out). One of the pocket compartment backing tore. It lasted for that school year. This year we are buying a new bag. This bag was purchased for my 5th grade daughter for her daily use to, at and from school. When the bag arrived, I was concerned about it tipping backward as it did. I learned soon after filling it with her supplies for the first day of school that the bag must have been designed to counter-balance the load within. My daughter is on the petite side and rolling backpacks she used in the past used to pretty much drag the whole backside on the ground because of the height of the bar. The material and straps used to get damaged fast that way. With the JanSport, she doesn't seem to be encountering those problems. There isn't much play on the back panel and the straps tuck in well; features that I really appreciate. Lots of pockets allow her to organize herself better. Some of the reviews commented on zippers breaking, so I asked my daughter to take care when using them. No problems yet, but we'll keep an eye for that. The only bummer is the material on the front pocket already has snags on it; wishing that it was more sturdy. According to my daughter, a janitor moved my daughter's bag to clean the floor and it must have slid past something sharp. Don't know the whole story, but was disappointed that it happened the first week of school.

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