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American Tourister luggage provides quality and design at a great value, ensuring you meet your travels with confidence. American Tourister's luggage sets receive great reviews and offer luggage pieces for all travel occasions.
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Arrival Ballistic Carryon Expandable Hardside
iLite Spinner Suiter Ultravalet Upright

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A versatile bag, I have used it as my suitcase for a week's worth of clothes. I am very pleased with the ease of wheeling it around and it allows me to pack efficiently. It was exactly what I wanted and I recommend it to others. Over the years we have had pretty good experience with Jan Sport bags and we are pretty sure it was entirely due to the emphasis that the company has placed on making quality, appealing and durable products. However, we are not sure what went wrong this time around. The bag did not last even couple of months and we are pretty sure it was not because of mishandling on our part. We are in dillema now, to give the trusted and proven one more chance OR try something new... Regards Ram have 2 complaints: 1)The large pocket (the one that includes the laptop compartment) is difficult to zip and unzip because of the material flap that lays over the zipper track. 2) That large pocket is difficult to reach into because of the backpack frame that lays over that pocket. This bag holds up very well. I previously purchased the same bag for my 10 year old son and it lasted 2 years of school. It received a lot of abuse during the school year, dragging on the ground and pulling frequently on the zippers.

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