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American Flyer luggage sets are cool, casual and classic, bringing you fashion luggage sets at affordable prices to keep you traveling in style. Check out American Flyer's classic Fleur de Lis luggage set which has great reviews, great quality and great style.
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I bought two, for my 7 year old and 9 year old boys, they are tough on book bags, visit me again in 3 months and I will let you know what I think. Got this bag for my undergrad in 2004 and it barely made it to graduation in June of 05. However, I loaded this bag beyond heavy with 6 classes worth of books and other related crap so I expected it to die early. The bag held up fine it was the handle and the wheels that went out on me. I fixed it a few times before it was beyound repair but the bag is still in great shape just have to use it as a back pack now. Gave it a good rating because I truly put it through hell and back. We bought this backpack for my husband to "pack up" for an 8-hour day at chemotherapy--his laptop, DVD player, ipod, magazines, etc--to keep him entertained while receiving therapy. He still uses it every two weeks for this purpose. He also found it very handy to take on get-ways, as a backpack is not a good option for him anymore. I found myself "borrowing" it more and more, so today--with the 20% off coupon--I am going to buy two more--one for me to use daily for school, and one for my materials for a genealogy class and digi-scrapbook class and general run-around stuff!

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