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The Ameribag Healthy Back BagŪ has a unique design that makes your load feel one-third lighter by distributing the weight evenly through the entire length of the bag, not just at the ends of the strap. Unlike ordinary handbags or totes, the Ameribag Bag hangs asymmetrically from an integrated shoulder strap. It's contoured to fit the natural curve of your back. You will feel less stress on your back and shoulders.
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Backpack Chicago Coil Field DNA Flap
Healthy Back Manhattan Messenger Metro Vortex

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I LOVE THIS BAG, while traveling and everyday use, it is always hard to find a bag that is lightweight for my laptop and all my paperwork. I always had used a backpack for traveling, even for business so when I saw this bag on your website, I was VERY excited. and a few days later while I was at the airport,I saw a lady with the same one. So I am very grateful to find this wonderful backpack. Thank you for your wonderful service. sincerely, Lori Feldman My son needed a sturdy and durable rolling pack for elementary school. He needed room for his books and his lunch. None of the backpacks we looked at in stores had the durability and room of this bag. We really like the separate compartments so that he can have his books and schoolwork in one section and his lunch in another. The rolling pack has a section to store a laptop computer. My son does not have a laptop, but uses this useful section to separate his folders and papers from his hardback books. This Jansport rolling pack cost more than the packs we saw in stores, but it has been worth every penny. My son is looking forward to continuing to use the backpack in 5th grade, which starts this Monday, August 27th. The last one we purchased form ebags lasted my son two years. It was incredibily durable in function and appearance. That is why we purchsed another the year.
I bought this item for my nine year old and actually was thinking of getting one myself. It's really easy to control the wheels are smooth and the handle easy to put up and down. Also it's has tons of space and compartments. Also great for a laptop! I rate this excellent overall and would definitely recommend it.

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