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I was disappointed to find that the bottom of the main compartment is not solid. There is a flap that covers the "rolling hardware" but it is easy to get small items lost down under the flap, where is is difficult to find them. Remembering to put smaller items in the front pockets would solve the problem, but I don't always do that. My son has a rolling backpack where the bottom is zippered - so it is totally closed. This one just has a flap. This backpack is great. It was exactly what I was expecting. I am a nursing student with lots of books to tote around and this bag fits them perectly and pulling it is an ease, the large tires allow me to take it anywhere with ease. I would buy this bag again from EBags.
My 8-year old daughter used this on our trip to California. We used Eagle creek packing cubes -- 1 cube, 1 half cube (in the laptop compartment), 2 quarter cubes fit just right. We packed for 10 days, doing the laundry once (so you can pack 5 days if you can't do laundry). It held up well, she could wheel it around, but probably would be too heavy for her to carry on her back. This is the parent of the user... I emailed you weeks ago regarding the pink & brown bag, that is not evident in the pictures, as it doesn't show the backside (which is brown) or even the brown pulls. If you are building a fashion forward item like this in the future, at least make it obvious that it is using two colors not commonly mixed (Pink and Brown go together in what parallel weird universe?)

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